To Recycle Responsibly!

ERSI: Electronics Recycling & Scrapping Inc., located near Albany, New York, is dedicated to environmentally friendly and socially responsible computer, electronics & universal waste management. We believe in recycling electronics like computers & CRT’s responsibly by using highly trained employees and equipment to dismantle electronics in the United States, instead of exporting to other countries.

Hazardous waste “EXPORT” only recycling is still widely practiced by most electronic recycling companies. The reason is the very lucrative payment for the precious metals that will be harvested from the electronic boards overseas by cheap labor.

You Can Be The Solution

By practicing a NON EXPORT policy and recycling all material responsibly, ERSI Recycling is able to uphold the highest asset management and recycling standards. ERSI Recycling is one of the few alternatives to the status quo EXPORT only recyclers in the United States. ERSI Recycling has signed the e-Steward recycler pledge and is one of few recyclers practicing this type of recycling in New York. ERSI Recycles non-working electronics that contain hazardous waste are sent to Non Export domestic downstream vendors and ERSI Recycling’s main vendor is e-Steward certified and a founding member. From your desk you can feel assured that someone has done the due diligence research/investigation on compliance with the e-Steward environmentally, socially and ethically responsible recycling for you.

ERSI Recycling clients use ERSI because they want the assurance that their recycler has ongoing due diligence investigation of their downstream processing vendors (cradle to grave) compliance with the e-Steward recycling standard. By choosing a responsible and safe recycling company like ERSI Recycling, you are protecting the environment, human health & safety as well as a ban on prison and child labor. Maintain a good business morale by recycling responsibly!

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