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Recycling Lamps

Did you know that fluorescent & HID lamps are considered hazardous waste?
Well, they are hazardous and need to be managed in such a way that complies with state environmental laws. If fluorescent lamps are not properly disposed, mercury can contaminate buildings, landfills, lakes, animals, fish, birds, humans, crops and rivers. Although the amount of mercury in each fluorescent lamp is small, it is always important to avoid breaking fluorescent lamps, and that the unbroken lamps be delivered to a hazardous waste handler. Never EVER place fluorescent lamps in trash compactors or incinerators, since this will release the mercury and contaminate the surrounding area. Liquid mercury will not burn, but instead becomes a vapor when heated. It eventually cools and condenses back to a liquid form, spreading the contamination to larger areas.

Businesses, schools and other large commercial facilities that replace hundreds or thousands of fluorescent lamps each year are particularly at risk of creating areas of significant mercury contamination due to improper handling of lamps. These organizations are required to follow the states recycling laws including labeling or risk large fines from either the DEC or the EPA. ERSI can help you to stay compliant with these agencies with some training.

The Environmental Protection Agency finally ordered waste handlers to treat fluorescent lamps as hazardous waste. With such a classification, fluorescent lamps are not to be sent to landfills, but instead are to be sent to recycling centers that break the lamps under special conditions and safely recover the mercury.

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Recycling Ballasts

ERSI Recycles both PCB and Non PCB ballasts.
Ballasts come in all shapes, sizes and weights. Fluorescent lights use either a PCB or Non PCB ballast. Their function is to maintain a constant current through the electrical system and they are normally mounted on the light fixture between the fluorescent tubes and are protected by a metal cover plate.

Recycling Mercury

Mercury-added products typically include items such as thermostats, thermometers, switches, medical or scientific instruments, electrical relays, lamps and batteries - excluding button batteries. Disposal of mercury-added products will not be allowed in the normal trash but must be managed by separate delivery to an approved hazardous waste recycling facility.

Mercury is a toxic substance that accumulates in the environment. Mercury has been found in fish at levels of concern, resulting in fish consumption advisories throughout the State. Medical research has shown that exposure to unacceptable levels of mercury can cause neurological damage. New York State joins a growing number of other states in adopting legislation that recognizes the environmental and public health consequences associated with the mismanagement of this highly toxic substance. The new requirements for labeling and responsibly managing the waste from mercury-added consumer products are a critical first step in identifying and limiting potential exposure to mercury.

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We accept many more Lamps, Bulbs & Ballasts.
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Mercury Devices.

Lamps/Ballasts We Recycle

  • Lamps
    • Straight Fluorescent
    • Shielded/Coated
    • Powder Fluorescent
    • Groove Fluorescent
    • U-Tubes
    • Circular/Compact
    • HID/Metal Halide
    • Low Pressure
    • High Pressure
    • LED
  • Ballasts
    • PCB
    • Non- PCB
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ERSI Recycling specializes in the electronics recycling industry and has a concentration in computer recycling by using a process to properly recycle these computers in a safe, environmentally and socially responsible way. ERSI Recycling ensures that your data is destroyed through shredding or data erasure and these processes both meet HIPPA and DOD standards. ERSI Recycling provides these services in the Albany NY area and surrounding area such as but not limited to Troy, Schenectady, Amsterdam, Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, Glens Falls, Catskill, Ravena, Binghamton, Oneonta, Schoharie, Kingston, Poughkeepsie, Westchester, Utica, Rome, Syracuse, Western Connecticut, Southern Vermont, Western Massachusetts like Lee and Pittsfield and other areas.