Recycling is important to keeping our world a clean and safe environment. When you recycle with ERSI you can be assured that all your needs will be fulfilled. We recycle by the rules; no exporting or unlawful transports occur under our watch.

When recycling products that contain hazardous waste are sent to Non Export domestic downstream vendors and our main vendor is e-Steward certified and a founding member. From your desk you can feel assured that someone has done the due diligence research/investigation on compliance with the e-Steward environmentally, socially and ethically responsible recycling for you.

Why Recycle with ERSI?

Doing business with us will make you more efficient at work by making your recycling efforts easier and simpler. Since we recycle both electronics and universal waste you will decrease;

  • Number of invoices to scrub

  • Checks to write and P.O.’s to process

  • Vendors to communicate with

  • Transportation costs as well as labor to load multiple vendors

  • Most importantly, we save you time that you can never recover!

  • Any confusion for your staff of what items go to which vendor.

Our transportation is reliable and professional. We proudly service these sectors but are not limited to them;

  • Education

  • Medical and Health Care

  • Corporate

  • Local, State & Federal Government

  • Military

  • Hospitality

  • Law Enforcement

  • Not for Profit organizations

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